The State Of Pet Healthcare In 2022: Developments, Stats, And Information

The Animal and Veterinary Service said it investigated 310 cases of pets being abandoned last yr. Cats are great companions because of their easy-going nature and low-maintenance care. Plus, they Pets News are playful and curious, to enable them to be very entertaining pets. PawCo aims to offer high-quality, sustainable and scientifically formulated plant-based meals for dogs.

  • That is closely adopted by the South East, the place 2,751 animals have been abandoned, up 34%.
  • The Whippet, a breed celebrated for its impressive agility and deeply affectionate demeanor, is notably susceptible to separation anxiety because of its intense bond with its homeowners.
  • “There’s additionally the excessive value in vet care and that is placing a strain on these house owners who have then both obtained to surrender or rehome their pet.”
  • Owners additionally hand over their pets due to changes in circumstances or a lack of funding in coaching them.